About Us

When People used to say "It's all Connected" I always asked How, But now I can see. Journey of JnanaShakti Foundation was started in year 2013, when 02 friends came together to work on preventable communicable and non communicable diseases, but slowly we realized "It's all connected"

Our vision of disease prevention required education, eradication of poverty, skill development for employment, because it will lead to accessibility to better health care facility, good governance because without it nothing which has been mentioned above can be achieved.

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At JnanaShakti Foundation, our focus is awareness, education, and creating sustainable solutions for day to day issues, which affect common citizen.

If, Healthcare inaccessibility , Climate Change and lack Good Governance are causing loss billions of dollars then indirect cost is not less than a trillion. Imagine man hours lost due to non productivity of our human resource and losses made due to wasting time in trying to get those basic amenities which are free but just on papers.

JnanaShakti (ज्ञान शक्ति ), means the Power of Knowledge, which can help our community overcome lots of barriers which are obstructing our path towards sustainable progress and happier life, is our mission.

We welcome you to join in our initiatives to make our life better and it is just not only for us but - an action which can help our future generations.